2016 Stein Club Slate & Nov. Meeting

Our November General Membership Meeting will take place on Monday, November 14, 2016, at the John Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, in Room 120 at 6:30 PM. We will be conduction our annual Executive Board election and Reggie Greer, Victory Institute's Director of Presidential Appointment Initiative, will be coming to speak to members interested in serving in the next presidential administration. If you are interested in running for a board position, feel free to email info@steindemocrats.org with any questions and be present at the meeting.

2016 Slate_2.jpg

March meeting & DC LGBT Survey

Our meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, March 14 at 7PM. It will be held in theWilson Building, room 120. We hope you can join us, as we will be discussion our very busy plan for election the 2016 season and want your input.

Also, the 2016 election survey is here! If you have not filled it out yet, please do! We will be using this survey to guide our candidate forums and we want to make sure we get your feedback on a few important policy priorities.

Please take a few moments to complete the following survey by no later than April 10, 2016.


See you tomorrow!

Stein Leadership


Just a reminder that there will NOT be a general membership meeting tonight. Following the new bylaws that were adopted at our last meeting, we will now be meeting every other month unless otherwise noted by the Executive Board.

We will have information on our Presidential support meeting soon, as well as, our community survey. Please stay tuned.

2016 Membership Renewal

It's 2016 and that means it's time to renew your annual membership dues. As you know, this year will be a big political year with city and federal elections taking place. We'll need your help in reelecting our allies and holding all elected officials accountable to the concerns of the LGBTQ District residents. RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TODAY!

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Join us for the first meeting of year next Monday, Jan. 11 @ 7PM. It will be held at the DC Center, 2000 14th St. NW (corner of 14th & U St.). We will be voting on the by-law changes sent early last month and discussing our plans for the upcoming year. 


After our meeting, we hope you join us for a New Years social at Marvin, 2007 14th St. NW. 


Art. III Membership, Paragraph 2, proposed text:

General Meetings of the Club shall take place on the second Monday of each EVERY OTHERmonth, STARTING WITH JANUARY, at 7:00 p.m. unless a change is announced at the previous General Meeting. The Executive Committee shall have the power to change the meeting date and time as necessary for extraordinary reasons, provided notification by mail, electronically or otherwise, of such change is distributed to the membership at least seven (7) days in advance.  IN THE EVENT THAT INCLEMENT WEATHER OR ANOTHER EMERGENCY RESULTS IN THE CLOSURE OF D.C. MUNICIPAL BUILDINGS ON THE DAY OF A REGULARLY SCHEDULED GENERAL MEETING, THAT MEETING WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED. 

Article XI - Amendments
Amendments to these bylaws may be made by a 2/3 vote of those members voting at a 
regularlyscheduled meeting, provided that the text ARTICLE AND PARAGRAPH of the proposed TO BEchangeD has been distributed to the membership at least thirty days in advance.  Amendments may be proposed by any member or group of members.


II. Endorsement of Candidates, B. Endorsement Voting, 3.:

If, after a second ballot, a candidate has not received a supermajority vote, the Club's official position in that race will be "No Endorsement."  A "NO ENDORSEMENT" POSITION MAY BE RECONSIDERED AFTER A PRIMARY ELECTION.