Ward 8 Candidate Statements

All candidates were asked to submit a statement prior to the Ward 8 Stein Club forum. Below are the candidates statements that were received:

Jauhar Abraham.pdf
Stuart Anderson.pdf
Marion C. Barry.pdf
Sheila Bunn.pdf
Eugene D. Kinlow .pdf
LaRuby May.pdf
Sandra Seegars .pdf

Ward 8 Forum


Join Stein Club: 2015 MLK Parade

MLK Parade.png

In the spirit of service and in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we will be joining our neighbors for the 9th Annual MLK Parade in Ward 8 on January 19th.

This year, the theme is "Looking Back, Moving Forward ... Together!" --- a recognition of the Civil Rights leaders of the past and an affirmation to the momentum and breadth of Civil Rights organizing today. We are putting together an LGBTQ contingent to walk with the many community members who will turn up to walk to celebrate growth, honor Dr. King, and walk for a more peaceful future. We will be meeting in front of the Congress Heights Metro Station on January 19th at 11:30am. From there, we will walk over to the parade line up location at St. Elizabeth's main gate, 2700 Martin Luther King, Ave. SE. The parade will end at Leckie elementary school: 4201 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. SW.

Will you walk with us? If so, please RSVP here. We'll need an accurate headcount so that we can provide posters and banners and other signage. Please invite your friends and ask them to RSVP, too!

If you have any questions, concerns, or accessibility needs, please contact Dominique dchamely@thetaskforce.org for additional assistance.

Gertrude Stein Democratic Club 2015 Goals & Priorities

For those of you who were unable to make our January Membership Meeting, please find a PDF of the club's 2015 Goals & Priorities.

We always encourage membership input in all the work that we do. If you have information or an idea you would like to share with the executive committee please email it to info@steindemocrats.org

GSDC 2015 Goals and Priorities.pdf

Gertrude Stein Democratic Club 2015 Committees

These committees are being re-established/created with the intention of engaging membership to increase recruitment, sustainability, and community participation. If you have an interest in joining one or more of these groups, please reach out to the Executive Officer associated with that committee. We look forward to working with all members to buildup Stein Club visibility, diversity and strength.

Finance Committee

Committee Leader: Jessica Pierce, treasurer@steindemocrats.org
This committee will focus on organizing and managing incoming and outgoing funds of the club throughout the year.

  • Creating 2015 budget

  • Leading organization's fundraising efforts

Membership Committee

Committee Leader: Dwayne Bensing, secretary@steindemocrats.org
The committee will launch recruiting opportunities and events to increase membership and interests.

  • Planning of the 2015 Leadership Awards

Endorsements and Elections Committee

Committee Leader: Martín Garcia, vppoliticalaffairs@steindemocrats.org
This committee will organize and manage all organizational efforts regarding the upcoming April Special Election

  • Candidate surveys

  • Candidate forums

  • Endorsed candidate support/GOTV efforts

Issues Committee

Committee Leader: Amada Fitzsimmons, vpadministration@steindemocrats.org
The issues committee will create proposals and recommendations for Stein Club involvement in progressive activism throughout the District.

By-Laws Committee

Committee Leader: Amada Fitzsimmons, vpadministration@steindemocrats.org
This committee will review the Stein Club By-Laws to better clarify and explain membership requirements, procedure, and commitments.