Gertrude Stein Club Equality Board

The Gertrude Stein Democratic Club is honored to be apart of a citywide coalition working to bring marriage equality to the District of Columbia, and we are proud to recognize those who generously support the Club's work to bring full marriage equality to the District of Columbia.


John Lazar
Elizabeth Carl (sponsoring life member)
George Vranas & Peter Johnson
Charles E. Braun
Brondi Borer
Steve Gorman
Sheila Alexander-Reid
Jerry Clark
Robert Byrer
Jeff Hops (contributing member)
Geovani Bonilla & Doug Murphy
Tim Mahony
Chris Moore
Jeffrey D. Richardson
Edwin Patout
David Greer (contributing member)
Adam Tenner (contributing member)
Lateefah Williams
Brian Watson (President's Club)
Lisa Raymond (contributing member)
Jim Bennett (contributing member)
Anita Bonds (contributing member)