City Council Candidates Outline Their Stance on LGBT Issues

To aid Stein members and the larger DC LGBT community in learning more about the candidates for the At-Large City Council seat, the Stein Club is sharing below the responses to the Stein Club's questionnaire surveying candidates on their stances on LGBT equality issues. As the April 23rd Special Election draws near, DC residents are looking to better understand the candidates and issues at stake.

The Stein Club asked each of the candidates to complete the questionnaire. They represent each candidates' record and vision for improving the lives of DC's LGBT community.

Angela Peoples, Stein Club Vice President for Political and Legislative Affairs, said "The questions posed to the candidates in the questionnaire reflect only a small number of issues facing the LGBT community, but they provide a big picture view of how the candidates might represent our community once they are in office."

Stein President Martin Garcia added, "Stein Club members and DC LGBT community members should use these questionnaires as a resource to help them learn more about the candidates. We will all have an opportunity to push the candidates more on our issues at our upcoming Endorsement Forum where each of the candidates will appeal to Stein members for the Club's endorsement."

The Special Election Endorsement Forum
Thursday, March 21, 2013
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Metropolitan Community Church
474 Ridge St., NW (Mt. Vernon/Convention Center Metro)

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All five Democratic candidates submitted responses and they are posted here in the order they were received.

Matthew Frumin
Elissa Silverman
Paul Zukerberg
Anita Bonds
Michael Brown*

*In lieu of submitting the Gertrude Stein Club's 2013 questionnaire, Brown resubmitted an earlier version of the questionnaire for review here.